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Lone Worker

Known as the "Lone Worker", the importance of protecting an employee working alone has become a priority for many employers and in parts of Canada the protection of the Lone Worker is mandated by law.

 Man-Down with Walkie Talkie

As a Lone Worker Accountability Solution, Grace Industries products are used today in fresh water and waste water treatment facilities. Often a worker can spencd an entire work shift in a treatment facility alone. help is summoned by using a LTX200 worn man-down motionless rescue alarm transmitting directly to a MS900R base transceiver with telephone auto dialer. In the event of an alarm, the LTX200 transmits a man-down alarm to a wall mounted MS900R which sets off its siren and strobe light and dials a pre-programmed telephone number to enact an emergency plan.


Confined Space

In the United States, Confined Space is a popular term which has seen its share of attention. Protecting workers within confined space is one of the priorities OSHA; and Grace Industries provides employers the ability to satisfy OSHA Confined Space requirements by electronically monitoring a worker(s) within single or multiple confined space entries.

Tank Car Man-Down


As a Confined Space Accountability Solution, Grace Industries products are being used today in one of the largest tank repair facilities in the world. The operation depends on the Grace Confined Space Accountability Solution before it can issue and electronically monitor multiple confined space entries.


Lone Worker Accountability

For some large area applications where a worker could be in a number of locations, it is required to know the ABC's of Worker Accountability:

                 A. The LOCATION of the Alarm

                 B. The NAME of the Worker in Alarm

                 C. The ability to EVACUATE others

Grace Industries offers the Grace-WatchTM and WatchDogTM product line which satisfies the ABC's above. 

A world leader in the manufacture of electronic semiconductors relies on a Grace Solution which satisfies the ABC's of worker safety.

The solution employs the use of the TPASS®3 and SuperCell®SC500 worn man-down motionless rescue alarms to transmit to a fixed base WatchDogTM transceiver which is connected to a PC running Grace-WatchTM software application.

Grace-WatchTM is capable of:

  1. -Maintaining an acive health check with every user
  2. -Polling for LOCATION
  3. -Setting off an EVACUATION to individual or group users
  4. -Logging of all events
  5. -Sending an alarm alert Email or Text message

In the event of an alarm, The TPASS®3 and SuperCell®SC500 transmits to the WatchDogTM transceiver setting off a local alarm and sending an Email or Text to enact an emergency plan.


To view Grace Products in action, click the play button below:

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