The TPASS® 5 is a NFPA Compliant Stand-Alone RF Pass used with the Full-Crew and First-In Accountability System. The device features a 30 second motion alarm, loud audible alarm, MAYDAY Emergency Wireless RF Signaling, Wireless RF Evacuation EVAC signaling and a manual panic button with emergency wireless RF signaling.

TPASS® 5 Specifications:

  • NFPA 1982, 2018 Edition Compliant
  • Intrinsically Safe – UL913/CSA C22.2, No 157
  • Country Specific-Custom Wireless RF Tuning
  • >98+ dBA Sound Pressure Level at 500° F/260° C
  • (3) AA Alkaline Batteries
  • 24-30 Hours of Battery Life
  • 4-6 Hours of Operation in Alarm

By pressing both side buttons, a manual acknowledgement is transmitted which confirms receipt of evacuation command or PAR and ROLL-CALL signals. All fire ground activities are logged on In-Command® software verifying each Firefighter has received PAR and EVAC.

TPASS® 5Audio Alarm + Wireless RF PASS
30 Second Motion AlarmYES
Manual Panic ButtonYES
Emergency Wireless RF SignalingYES
Used with Simple Accountability and Advanced In-Command Wireless RF SignalingYES
MAYDAY Emergency Wireless RF SignalingYES
Wireless RF Evacuation EVAC SignalingYES
Wireless RF PAR SignalingYES
Wireless RF ROLL CALL SignalingYES
Smart-Signal Repeating Technology – Improved Wireless RF SignalingYES
Very Loud Audible AlarmYES
Internal Data Logging all Status Changes (on/off/alarm/etc.)YES
Low Battery AlarmYES
Temperature Sensing AlarmYES
Loss of SignalYES
NFPA 1982, 2018 Edition CompliantYES
Intrinsically Safe – UL913/ CSA C22.2, No 157YES
Country Specific-Custom Wireless RF TuningYES
>98 + dBA Sound Pressure Level at 5OO°F/260°CYES
(3) AA Alkaline BatteriesYES
24-30 Hours of Battery LifeYES
4-6 Hours of Operation in AlarmYES

TPASS® 5 Chart (PDF)



TPASS® 5 Important Funding Information

  • TPASS® 5 is eligible for funding under the funding category of PPE and equipment
  • TPASS® 5 is a “one of a kind” PASS alarm that can be moved from one piece of protective clothing to another and does not require an SCBA
  • TPASS® 5 keeps the Firefighter NFPA1500 Compliant for PASS use when they remove their SCBA and return to the hazard area for overhaul and other operations
  • TPASS® 5 is NFPA1500 PASS and NFPA1982 Compliant RF PASS for use with the In-Command® Full Crew or first-in emergency signaling and automated accountability systems. These are classified under the funding category of equipment.
  • The RF PASS is used as part of an NFPA1982 Compliant RF PASS system and can be used to support multi-agency systems for mutual aid and mass events. Accountability systems are classified under the funding category of equipment.

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