SuperPASS® 2

 SuperPASS® 2 Lone Worker Device

The SuperPASS® 2 is an audible only lone worker man-down alarm for industrial applications. Grace Industries PASS devices give the Lone Worker confidence in knowing that a very loud audible alarm will sound if he or she becomes unresponsive and motionless. PASS alarms can be used as a means of accountability by providing verbal and visual indication of any distressed team members. The loud audible alarm and flashing light indicators will alert other individuals on the scene of the situation so they can help to evacuate their coworkers.

The device includes 9 V Battery for up to 100 hours of operation and an estimated 4-6 hours in Full Alarm Mode.

SuperPASS® 2 Features:

  • Smallest, lightest, and loudest standalone audible PASS
  • 98 dBA loud alarm
  • Intrinsically safe PASS device
  • Temperature sensing options

Replacement parts for the SuperPASS® 2 are available online. These parts include o-rings, wire clips, screws, battery covers, keys and more.

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