Supervisor's System


A SuperCELL® SC500 can be used to monitor multiple worn devices with the added feature of knowing who is in alarm on the display screen, we call this the Supervisor’s System Package. The SuperCELL® SC500 – SM Supervisor’s Model is used to monitor and identify users of TPASS®3’s and other SC500’s.  You can mix combinations of all Grace products. Using the SC500, you can add Grace Locator Beacons assigned to indoor or outdoor locations. When a TPASS® 3 or SC500 goes into alarm, the last logged Locator Beacon will also be displayed on the SC500. SUPERCELL® SM SUPERVISOR PACKAGE
  • SuperCELL® model SC500-SM, typically carried by a supervisor
  • Alarm-monitoring, can easily distinguish which person is in alarm (TP3 or SC500-LW) showing name & location of worker in distress
  • Locator Beacon to provide general-location of worker in alarm
  • SuperCELL® SC500-LW auto-on activation, can’t turn off until placed back in powered charging base, this prevents the worker from accidentally or intentionally turning off the SC500-LW
  • Audible and Vibrating Alert
  • Intrinsically-safe
  • Rechargeable, 40 hours continuous use
  • Continuous Alarm 4-6 hours
  • 6-8 hours recharge time, 120VAC or +12V-DC power adapter
  • 5 miles line-of-sight range
  • Smart Signal® repeating technology
  • Coverage approximately 75K – 100K sq-ft. indoors, depending on environment
  • T3 Repeater available to expand coverage area
  • No-cellular apps or internet connection required
  • No monthly fees or subscriptions, no hidden costs
SuperCELL® SM Supervisor Package


  • General Purpose All Duty Lone-Worker Worn Device with Fall-detection
  • Used in ‘Buddy Package’, standalone or ‘Supervisor’ Device Configurations
  • Can Be Used with Grace Locator Beacons
  • GPS option, Use with Grace-Watch® Mapping and/or WorkForce® WF2
  • Compatible with all Existing Grace Radio-H based systems
  • Internal Antenna
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • IP67 Dust Tight / Water Immersion
  • Smart Signal® repeating technology

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  • General Purpose or Supervisory-All Duty Lone Worker Worn Device with Fall detection
  • Use in ‘Buddy Package’, standalone or ‘Supervisor’ to monitor other WorkForce® users
  • High Visibility OLED Display, shows other WorkForce® Users name/location in Alarm
  • Optional GPS Model for Use with Grace-Watch® and Mapping
  • Displays Grace Locator Beacon Location of other WorkForce® Users in Alarm
  • Displays Outdoor GPS Coordinates of Others (GPS Model) In Alarm
  • Can Be Used with all existing Grace Radio-H Systems
  • Internal Antenna and Rechargeable battery
  • IP67 Dust Tight / Water Immersion
  • EVAC (Evacuate) Button to Alert other WorkForce® Users (Confined Space use)
  • Smart Signal® repeating technology

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