Fall Arrest Safety Solutions

Protection & Fall Arrest Safety Equipment

Falls from height can be a major risk in industries like construction, maintenance, and many others. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing top-of-the-line fall arrest safety equipment. Our products are designed to help keep workers safe, prevent accidents, and provide peace of mind.

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    Fall Arrest Safety Features

    At Grace Industries, we understand that protecting your lone workers is crucial for your business. Our cutting-edge safety products help you minimize the risks faced by workers who operate independently or in remote areas, ensuring their safety and compliance with industry regulations.

    Fall Detection

    Fall detection technology is designed to automatically detect and notify the appropriate response team when a lone worker experiences a fall. Using advanced sensors and algorithms, our devices can differentiate between a true fall and everyday movements, ensuring accurate and timely alerts for a rapid response.

    Man-Down Alarms

    Man-down alarms are essential for lone workers who may become incapacitated due to an accident or medical emergency. Our devices utilize motion sensors and tilt detection to automatically trigger an alarm when a worker is motionless or in an unusual position for a predetermined period. This ensures that help arrives promptly, potentially saving lives.

    Panic Alarms

    Panic alarms provide lone workers with a quick and reliable way to signal for help during emergencies. With just a push of a button, these devices send an immediate alert to the designated response team, allowing them to take action and provide assistance. Our panic alarms are compact, easy to use, and can be worn on a belt or lanyard for easy access.

    GPS Capable

    GPS tracking solutions enable real-time monitoring of your lone workers' locations, ensuring their safety in remote or hazardous areas. With precise location data, you can quickly respond to emergencies, dispatch assistance when needed, and monitor worker movements to ensure adherence to safety protocols.

    Two-Way Communication

    Effective communication is crucial for lone worker safety. Our two-way communication devices allow workers to stay in touch with their supervisors, colleagues, or response teams, ensuring they receive guidance and assistance when needed. With clear audio and user-friendly interfaces, our devices help maintain an open line of communication in any work environment.

    Range of Compatible Workforce Safety Devices

    Grace Industries offers advanced compatibility to connect all your safety devices, including safety pendants like the WorkForce 1 & 2 and TPASS® 3. With one platform for all your workforce safety devices, Grace Connected Safety™ provides advanced integration for all your safety needs. Trust Grace Connected Safety™ to offer a flexible, user-friendly platform to keep your workforce safe and connected.

    WorkForce® 2
    Worker Safety Pendant
    The WorkForce® device is a compact and lightweight worker-worn Man-Down Alarm that provides real-time motion-sensing, fall-detection, and an Emergency Alarm Button for distress signals. It includes other emergency signaling features such as Evacuate, Abandon, PAR, Roll-Call, and optional Out-of-Range indication, ensuring quick signaling for help in hazardous environments..
    SuperCELL® SC500
    Worker Safety Pendant
    The SuperCELL® SC500 enhances workforce safety with GPS tracking, alarm monitoring, panic and Man Down alarms, and a top button EVAC command for coordinated evacuation. Efficient communication is ensured through canned text messaging, while its durable design features a rechargeable battery, IP67 rating, and license-free radio frequency operation.
    Portable Worksite Alarm
    Grace Safety Gateway
    Portable Worksite Alarms are rugged, weather-resistant, self-contained workforce safety devices that manage data signaling between Grace worker safety pendants and the Grace Connected Safety Cloud Portal. They feature wireless signal connection to worker safety pendants and utilize satellite or cellular connectivity options for real-time data signaling. The alarms have multiple LED status indicators, bright LED strobe lights, and loud 120 decibel alarm sirens for emergency alerts, as well as 128-bit AES encryption for secure transmission of safety information. The PWA is compatible with WorkForce® 1 & 2, SuperCELL® SC500, TPASS® 3, and other workforce safety devices from Grace Industries.

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