Safety Products

Worker Safety Product Lines



Our Lone Worker Products feature a very loud audible alarm that is activating by motion sensing and a manual panic button. Many Grace worker-worn products are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous and explosive environments and IP67 rated for water and dust ingress.

Lone Worker Product Packages can include:

  • Light and Siren Alarm Indicators
  • Automatic Telephone Dialer (Dial up to 8 numbers)
  • Battery Backup power

Lone/Worker Safety Products


Grace Industries has set the standard for arson investigation instruments since 1974.

Arson/Hydrocarbon Detection Products


Grace Lite Tracker® devices help protect your workers in low visibility conditions including mining, marine, & diving, storm chasing and night-time work. Grace’s Glow Baton® devices are light-wands to protect employees and can be used for traffic control, crowd control, accident scenes, or signaling in aviation and airports.

Personal Safety Light Products


Track-Watch is an advanced warning system that alerts Maintenance-Of-Way Crews of approaching rail traffic. The Track-Watch Train Detector senses oncoming rail traffic and immediately transmits a warning signal to the track worker’s personal safety device. The TPASS® 3 Track-Watch and SuperCell™ SC500 are personal safety alarms that provide each worker with emergency notification with a loud, audible alarm, vibration alert and flashing LEDs. This advanced warning is very valuable to all personnel working on railroads, subways or other related infrastructure.

Rail Safety Products