Model C


The Model C is a general purpose hydrocarbon and gas detector used primarily for various applications including gas leak detection, storage tank leaks, hydrocarbon spills and  accelerant detection and arson investigation. The Model C has a highly sensitive hydrocarbon sensor that easily detects many hydrocarbons in very small concentrations, including methane gas leaks of less than one cubic foot per year.

Model C Typical Applications:

  • Arson investigation for detecting accelerants or combustible hydrocarbons
  • Leak detection, gas, storage tanks, landfills
  • General purpose gas detection

Model C (Non-Calibrated) Features:

  • Detects most common toxic/combustible hydrocarbons, gases and/or vapors including all heating gases and liquid-volatized hydrocarbons such as gasoline and similar substances
  • Use in Higher Sensitivity mode to locate trace amounts and in Lower Sensitivity mode to pinpoint the source in areas of high concentration
  • Audio and visual indication of when hydrocarbons are detected
  • Electronic purge that allows quick recovery of sensor from high concentrations of hydrocarbons
  • Mute switch that turns off audible detection sounds for discreet investigation
  • Coiled sensor cord that’s easy to extend and automatically retracts
  • Rechargeable battery has approximately 6 to 7 hours of use per charge

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