Fall Arrest Safety


Do you have people working alone or at height?

Grace Industries WorkForce® product line provides reliable fall suspension trauma alerting and protection devices for a variety of industries including utilities, construction, arborist, scaffold workers and windfarms.

Fall Protection remains in the top 10 OSHA violations. After a fall, the response time is critical for a worker hanging for a prolonged period of time placing them at serious risk of Suspension Trauma, defined as the loss of consciousness when hanging with limited movement. This danger is life threatening when response is beyond a critical time window of several minutes.

The WorkForce® product line uses an advanced gyro/accelerometer sensor to detect a worker’s fall from heights and automatically transmits a wireless emergency alert without any action required by the worker. WorkForce® transmits this wireless emergency signal that is received by others facilitating a “prompt rescue”. 

Personal fall arrest and fall restraint systems .. fall arrest devices .. active fall arrest .. safety harnesses and lanyards are just a few of the key words found around those who work at heights. The best fall protection plan will provide a user the means to self-rescue but what happens when a user is unable to self-rescue? What happens after a fall? Studies show that workers left hanging are at risk of suspension trauma, a deadly condition that can develop in a within less than 20 minutes. 

Workforce® Fall Detection and Suspension Trauma Prevention Systems are designed to help those who can’t help themselves and unable to self-rescue. WorkForce® detects a fall and  immediately notifies others initiating a  prompt rescue. 

WorkForce® goes beyond the minimum requirements of fall protection. After a fall, Workforce® is the answer to what happens next. 

Watch the videos and learn how Grace Fall Safety can protect your workers at height.

WorkForce® Fall Suspenion Alert System Device Features:
  • Real-time fall detection and safety monitoring
  • Avoid the risk of suspension trauma with immediate fall alarm notification
  • WorkForce® detects a fall from heights
  • Internal event data logging with RTC time-date stamp
  • Audible, visual and vibrate alerting modes
Automatic Motion Sensing
  • A no-motion alarm is activated automatically after pre-alert timer countdown
Manual Panic Button Activation
  • User push-button activated distress alarm
Display Alarm Location
  • Outdoor GPS option with Grace Lone Worker Advanced Monitoring
  • Indoor location with Grace Indoor Locator Beacon
High Performance Autonomous Advanced Wireless Signaling
  • No cellular service required
  • No internet required
WorkForce® Fall Arrest Safety Devices can be used with Grace’s Advanced Monitoring Systems to provide additional alerting:
  • Text and email notifications
  • Automatic voice phone-dialer
  • Integrates with existing Security, Fire Alarms and SCADA systems
  • Satellite or Cellular modems

Grace Industries Fall Arrest Safety Alerting devices are made in the USA and have no monthly fees or annual subscriptions.

The WorkForce® worker-worn devices used for Fall Arrest Safety are:


  • General Purpose All Duty Fall Detect and Lone-Worker Worn Device
  • Used in ‘Buddy Package’ or ‘Supervisor’ Device Configurations
  • Can Be Used with Grace Locator Beacons
  • GPS Option, Use with Grace-Watch® Mapping and/or WorkForce® WF2
  • Compatible with all Existing Grace Radio-H Based Systems
  • Internal Antenna
  • Rechargeable Internal Battery
  • IP67 Dust Tight / Water Immersion
WorkForce® WF1 Request a Quote


  • General Purpose/Supervisory-All Duty Fall Detect & Lone Worker Device
  • Used in ‘Buddy Package’ or as a ‘Supervisor’ to Monitor Other WorkForce® Users
  • High Visibility LED Display of WorkForce® Users Name/Location
  • Optional GPS Model for Use with Grace-Watch® and Mapping
  • Displays Grace Locator Beacon Location of Other WorkForce® Users
  • Displays Outdoor GPS Coordinates of Others (GPS Model) In Alarm
  • Can Be Used with all Existing Grace Radio-H Systems
  • Internal Antenna and Rechargeable Battery
  • IP67 Dust Tight / Water Immersion
  • EVAC (Evacuate) Button to Alert Other WorkForce® Users (Confined Space Model)
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Grace Industries offers WorkForce® product packages for fall arrest suspension trauma and a variety of safety applications.


The “Buddy Package” allows each worker to co-monitor the safety of other workers using the built-in alarm monitoring feature. The device has audio, visual, vibration, and alert features. Buddy Package Contains:
  • Two WorkForce® model WF1 Alarm Monitoring Units
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The “Supervisor Package” includes alarm monitoring of coworkers and can display their name, ID, and location. The device has audio, visual and vibration alerting features. Supervisor Package Contains:
  • One WorkForce® model WF1
  • One WorkForce® model WF2
Additional WorkForce® WF1 and WF2 and Locator Beacon units are available for purchase on our online store, allowing you to take full advantage of WorkForce® WF2’s ability to monitor multiple devices. WorkForce® Supervisor Package WFSP1 Request a Quote


This package contains the Portable WorkSite Alarm capable of monitoring all users having WorkForce® devices. The Portable WorkSite Alarm monitors multiple WorkForce® users with a loud audible alarm of 110 dBA SPL and flashing strobe light. WorkSite Confined Space Package Contains:
  • One WorkForce® model WF1
  • One WorkForce® model WF2
  • One Portable WorkSite Alarm
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