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At Grace Industries, we are solving Firefighter emergency and accountability problems directly related to LODD (Line of Duty Death). There are two key factors found in LODD reports:

  1. Lack of Effective Communication System
  2. Lack of Effective Accountability System

The Grace Industries solution is effective Firefighter communication on a wireless radio system that allows you to know immediately when a Firefighter is calling MAYDAY.

Our firefighting emergency signaling and automated accountability products give Incident Command the ability to perform PAR CALL, ROLL CALL & EVAC with acknowledgement from the firefighter.

Grace Industries manufactures Personal Alert Safety System PASS devices & Advanced Emergency Signaling and Automated Firefighter Accountability Systems used by First-In volunteers and full Crew career firefighters. Grace Firefighter equipment meets or exceeds the NFPA1982 Standard on Personal Alert Safety Systems PASS and has undergone rigorous third-party testing to earn standards compliance ensuring operational and environmental durability and reliability. All Grace Firefighter equipment is designed and manufactured at our facility in Fredonia, PA. By purchasing “Made In USA”, you’re supporting families of hard-working men and women devoted to innovating and improving firefighter safety. Grace Firefighter strives to help bring every firefighter home safe to their families.

A Grace Firefighter Accountability System operates behind the scenes on its own autonomous license-free radio system freeing up the voice radio channels for critical operations. Grace In-Command® First-In and Full-Crew Accountability System Software are used with Grace TPASS ® 5 and SuperPASS® 5X firefighter equipment.

See how Grace Firefighter First-In Kit can help small fire crew who first arrive on the fire scene. Later, if an incident commander joins the scene, learn how Grace Full-Crew software can take firefighter safety to the next level.

Learn how Grace In-Command®oftware integrated and enhances traditional firefighter accountability tools such as TallyacBoards & Tags Grace Firefighter In-Command Emergency Signaling Advanced Automated Accountability Systems allow you to perform electronic PAR, Rollcall, & Evacuation at the fire scene while removing the chaos from the radio voice channels.

You may be thinking you already have an integrated firefighter PASS device built-in your SCBA. What about times when you’re not wearing your SCBA? Grace Industries manufactures NFPA compliant standalone firefighter PASS devices and accountability software so that you are protected at all times in all environments. Can your PASS device do that?

You may have seen our firefighter safety products or heard about how we help to improve firefighter safety. Grace Industries started in the firefighter industry over 40 years ago and continues to innovate new firefighter safety solutions today. If you’ve seen our firefighter safety equipment in the past, it’s time to give us another look. A lot of improvements and new firefighter technology advancements have been made over the years to create the smallest, lightest, loudest NFPA compliant standalone PASS device on the market. If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at Grace Firefighter, look again at how we can help improve firefighter communication, firefighter accountability, and firefighter safety for your fire department.


Our SuperPASS® 5 is the smallest, lightest, and loudest stand alone firefighter alarm PASS product.

  • Grace Industries has developed the SuperPASS® 5, a NFPA compliant RF PASS that is both a loud audible alarm and an RF PASS, that uses radio signaling to alert the fire ground and the Incident Commander directly via wireless connectivity
  • RF PASS provides the Incident Commander the ability to receive wireless RF MAYDAY distress alarm signals from a Firefighter and issue automated wireless Personnel Accountability Report (PAR) and wireless EVAC commands

SuperPASS® 5





Our TPASS/Accountability products are NFPA Compliant stand-alone devices that improve your Firefighters’ communication and accountability systems.

  • Our TPASS® 5X system is a NFPA Compliant Stand-Alone RF Pass that has MAYDAY, evacuation, PAR, and accountability capabilities
  • We also offer our In-Command®/First-In/Full-Crew System, which is an all-in-one stand alone NFPA Primary Wireless Accountability System that can be used with our TPASS® 5X
  • Our SC500-IC monitors Firefighter status and sends evacuation signals

In-Command® First-In
In-Command® Full-Crew



Grace Industries, Inc. offers NFPA automated emergency signaling and Firefighter accountability systems that have an outdoor GPS.

  • Our In-Command®/Full View GPS, TPASS® 5 GPS, TPASS® Micro Repeater, and SC500-IC has real-time safety monitoring with RF MAYDAY, PAR, EVAC
  • Our Wildland Firefighter emergency signaling systems have the capability to create cached maps of your Firefighters’ geographic regions and display mapped location while offline with no internet connection needed

In-Command®/Full View GPS



At Grace Industries, Inc., we offer the ultimate tools in Firefighter accountability.

  • We provide international firefighting products that meet NFPA, IEC-IEX, and ATEX standards
  • Our In-Command® FX is an advanced tool in Firefighter automated accountability with no more interrupting fire ground operations for a voice radio PAR CHECK and helps to immediately identify who is calling MAYDAY

In-Command®/First In/Full Crew

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