International Firefighter Safety Systems


FX-5 provides a high level of safety for Firefighters featuring specifications of intrinsically safe to UL913, CSA C22.2, No. 157 and most important the FX-5 is NFPA compliant to 1982, 2013 Edition TIA 13-2 Requirements for PASS and has 200 hours of battery life. The FX-5 Global has bright, highly visible LED status indicators, as well as a large stainless-steel grip-clip & D-ring attachment.

  • Loud98+ dBA Alarm Sound Pressure Level at 500° F (260°C)
  • Data-logging All DSU Status Changes (On, Off, Alarm, etc.)
  • Self-contained Heat Stress Temperature Alarm
  • Rugged, Stand-Alone “DSU” Personal Alert Safety System
  • Auto-on Activation using Accountability Key
  • Motion Sensing and Panic Button
  • NFPA Compliant30 second motion alarm
  • Highly Visible Green LED Indicators
  • When everything else fails you can rely on the FX-5 Global standalone DSU

FX-5 Global Firefighter Alert Systems


The FX-5X features the same high-performance specifications as the FX-5 that can be easily upgraded to RF DSU, equivalent to the Grace TFX5.

  • Migration path for budget conscience departments
  • Rugged, stand alone “DSU” personal alert safety system with optional RF signaling
  • Auto-on activation using Accountability Key
  • NFPA Compliant 30 second motion alarm
  • Emergency wireless RF Signaling

FX-5X Global Firefighter Signaling Device


The TFX-5 is a high performance NFPA compliant stand-alone RF signaling DSU providing MAYDAY, Evacuate, PAR and ROLL-CALL signals

  • Emergency wireless signaling of Firefighter Alarm and Evacuations
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Country specific custom wireless RF configured
  • Use with In-Command and SuperCELL® SC500 monitors
  • 40 hours of battery life
  • 4-6 hours of operation in alarm

TFX-5 Global Firefighter Mayday Device


The SuperCELL® SC500-FX-Global monitors firefighter status and sends global Evacuate signals to all RF DSU and displays ALARM signals from all Firefighter RF DSU.

  • MAYDAY Alarm Monitoring
  • Send Global Evacuation Signals
  • Crew Roster Name List May be Pre-loaded
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Country specific custom wireless RF configured

SC500-FX-Gobal Firefighter Evacuation Signal Device


The TFX-Global Micro Repeater is a radio signal repeater that supports Grace Telemetry systems by receiving and retransmitting RF PASS signals. Repeating RF PASS signals enhances system performance in large, complex buildings and difficult environments.

TFX-Global Micro Repeater Features:

  • Highest Performance In-building RF Penetration
  • Retransmits All Radio Signals
  • Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Deploy
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe for Hazardous Locations
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Visual LED and Audio Activity Indicators
  • Meets FCC Part 15 and Industry Canada Requirements
  • No FCC License Required

TFX-Global Micro Repeater


In-Command® FX is an all-in-one stand-alone NFPA Primary Wireless PASS Accountability System. This device can be used with the stand-alone FX-5X Global or TFX-5 Global to protect all Firefighters at all times. The In-Command® FX takes accountability to a new level when used as a Firefighter’s primary PASS for NFPA 1500 compliance.

In-Command® FX Benefits:

  • Emergency Signaling including MAYDAY, EVAC, PA and ROLL-CALL
  • Automated wireless Accountability of ALL Personnel
  • In-Command® Full Crew, full-featured
  • In-Command® First In, rapid mobile setup
  • No more interrupting fire ground operations for a voice radio PAR check
  • No more chaos caused by poor radio audio quality and muffled voices
  • No more struggling to discern who is acknowledging your PAR check
  • Immediately identity who is calling a MAYDAY
  • Immediately identify who has acknowledged the EVAC Command
  • Automated electronic ROLL CALL and PAR CALL
  • Used by firefighters at all times and in all environments

In-Command® FX products are In-Command® First-In-FX and In-Command® Full-Crew-FX. The Firefighter In-Command® First-In-FX is used with an Incident Alarm Monitor and your Android tablet. The In-Command® Full-Crew-FX is used with a MX900 RF transceiver and your laptop computer and uses In-Command® Full-Crew-FX software.

In-Command/First In/Full Crew Firefighter Accountability System


Unlike the ATEX/IECEx intrinsic safety standard, NFPA compliance is a higher classification of product performance DEVELOPED SPECIFICALLY FOR FIREFIGHTER EQUIPMENT.

The NFPA 1982-2018 Edition Standard for PASS/DSU devices is a PRODUCT DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE standard. It is critical to understand that as a product design standard, NFPA 1982 is also an operational product performance standard that defines how a product must perform in a firefighting environment.

Below is a partial list of the performance requirements that Grace PASS and DSU products must meet in order to receive the NFPA compliance and regulated product labeling. Testing is performed by Intertek, a certified, world-wide testing laboratory appointed exclusively by NFPA. The NFPA compliance standard requires UL913 intrinsic safety certification, allowing the products to operate in potentially hazardous environments.

General Purpose
Design Standard
Firefighter PASS/DSU
Purpose Design Standard
Firefighter PASS/DSU
Operational Standard
Firefighter PASS/DSU
Performance Standard
Annual Product
Independent Lab
Annual Manufacturer
On-site Production Audit
Atex Intrinsic SafetyYESNONONONONO
NFPA1982 – 2018 EditionYES
Can be applied for general use but exceeds the general use standard requirements

NFPA Compliance Certification Chart (PDF)

PASS and DSU Testing Procedures

NFPA 1982-2018 -versus- IEC IP67 Ingress Protection

NFPA Compliance requires successful testing using two separate procedures for Heat and Immersion Leakage Testing of the PASS or DSU. Three samples are tested and all three must pass 6 cycles of testing. Any water leakage into the PASS or DSU is a test failure. To pass this and other tests, the sample PASS or DSU must function properly and continuously at all operation levels established by NFPA1982-2018 edition, design and performance standard.

NFPA1982-2018 edition NFPA section 8.5Number of Samples TestedNumber of Successful Cycles of TestTemperature and Time of Heat ImmersionWater Temperature, Time and Depth of Water ImmersionNFPAIP67
Procedure 1Three sample PASS devices must successfully
pass 6 Cycles of 15 min heat immersion at 177°C
followed by water immersion for 15 min
3 Must Pass All6 Must Pass All177°C – for 15 minutesWater Temp . 18°C- for 15 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metersYESNO
Procedure 2After passing procedure
1, the PASS is immersed
for an additional 5 min
(with the battery compartment opened).The samples are then
disassembled to observe
for evidence of water
leakage-leakage will fail
the test
3 Must Pass All6 Must Pass AllWater Temp . 18°C- for 15 minutes at a depth of 1.5 metersYESNO

PASS and DSU Testing Procedures Chart (PDF)

IEC IP67 Ingress Protection Code Testing Procedure

IEC IP67 Testing does not include any heat immersion cycling and requires only a minimum of one water immersion test procedure. The test may pass when water is present – a pass condition only requires the sample to function properly after testing.

IEC60729 Ed2.1Number of Samples TestedNumber of Successful Cycles of TestTemperature and Time of Heat ImmersionTemperature, Time and Depth of Water ImmersionNFPAIP67
Procedure 1Unit under test is
submerged to 1 Meter for
30 minutes in 25°C water.
1 minimum1 minimumNONE REQUIRED25°C- for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meterYESYES

IEC IP67 Ingress Protection Code Testing Procedure Chart (PDF)

NFPA1982 Firefighter PASS/DSU Standard -versus- ATEXIntrinsic Safety -versus- lEe IP67 Directive

Below are test standards developed by NFPA, designed specifically for fire ground environments and the rugged use requirements of firefighters.IP67ATEXNFPABelow is the NFPA 1982-2018 Edition –Test Methods Reference– The complete document can be downloaded at:Page Number
Sound Pressure Level TestsNONOYESSound Pressure Level Tests 8.21982-23
Electronic Temperature Stress TestNONOYESElectronic Temperature Stress Test 8.31982-24
Corrosion Resistance TestNONOYESCorrosion Resistance Test 8.41982-25
Heat and Immersion Leakage Test *See Table 2NOYESHeat and Immersion Leakage Test 8.51982-26
Case Integrity TestNONOYESCase Integrity Test 8.61982-26
Shock Sensitivity TestNONOYESShock Sensitivity Test 8.71982-27
Impact Acceleration Resistance TestNONOYESImpact Acceleration Resistance Test 8.81982-28
Vibration Resistance TestNONOYESVibration Resistance Test 8.91982-28
Retention System TestNONOYESRetention System Test 8.101982-29
Water Drainage TestNONOYESWater Drainage Test 8.111982-29
High Temperature Functionality TestNONOYESHigh Temperature Functionality Test 8.121982-30
Heat and Flame TestNONOYESHeat and Flame Test 8.131982-31
Signal Frequency TestNONOYESSignal Frequency Test 8.141982-35
Signal Frequency TestNONOYESSignal Frequency Test 8.151982-36
Product Label Durability TestNONOYESProduct Label Durability Test 8.161982-36
Tumble-Vibration TestNONOYESTumble-Vibration Test 8.171982-36
PASS Alarm Signal Muffle TestNONOYESPASS Alarm Signal Muffle Test 8.181982-37
VERY IMPORTANT – Mandatory Annual Product SEI Test Lab RecertificationNONOYESVERY IMPORTANT – Mandatory Annual Product SEI Test Lab Recertification
VERY IMPORTANT – Mandatory Annual Manufacturer On-site Production AuditNONOYESVERY IMPORTANT – Mandatory Annual Manufacturer On-site Production Audit
Intrinsic SafetyNO IP67NO ATEXYES UL913ATEX is only an electrical standard and very limited for firefighter use. NFPA IS ALSO INTRINSICALLY SAFE but MUCH BETTER THAN ATEX because NFPA must pass all of the tests listed above.

Stand-Alone NFPA
compliant PASS/DSU
when integrated with a BA
Stand-Alone NFPA
compliant PASS/DSU
when used without a BA
Can be offered as a Stand-Alone NFPA  compliant
PASS/DSU (no BA required) with the option of use
with a Wireless Accountability System
MSA Motion ScoutNONONO
Draeger Sentinel 1500YESNONO

NFPA1982 Firefighter PASS/DSU Standard -versus- ATEXIntrinsic Safety -versus- lEe IP67 Directive Chart (PDF)

Grace Stand-Alone PASS/DSU are compatible with: MSA Firehawk, Draeger Pas Colt, Spasciani SCBA, Honeywell Sperian SCBA, and other breathing aparatus