Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Product Benefits 

  • No monthly fees or hidden costs
  • Intrinsically safe models available
  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Modular design to fit any size needs
  • Interface with existing fire or security alarm systems
  • Interface with telematics system
  • Interface with SCADA system
  • No reliance on the internet connectivity
  • No reliance on cellular connectivity
  • No cell phone required
  • Reduced employer exposed liability
  • Custom engineered solutions
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
Grace Lone Worker devices feature a self-contained radio transceiver including models having a very loud audible alarm. Alarms can be activated by motion-sensing (at 60, 90 or 120 seconds of no movement) and a manual panic button. Many Grace worker-worn products are certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous and explosive environments and IP67 rated, protected from water and dust ingress. Lone Worker Monitoring Systems are available from basic Strobe Light-Siren indicators through full-featured console units and PC monitoring software.

Grace lone worker monitoring equipment includes these options:

  • Strobe Light and Siren Alarm Indicators
  • Automatic Telephone Dialer (Dial Up to 8 Numbers)
  • Battery Backup Power
  • Inputs and Relay Outputs for Various Alerting Options
  • Mapping and Locating Capability
  • SMS-text Message and Email Alerts

Grace Lone Worker Products and Systems can easily interface with other Emergency Notification Systems and are compatible with:

  • Sending Evacuation Alarms – Interface with Existing Fire Alarm Systems
  • Receive Worker Alarms – Interface with Existing Security and SCADA Systems
  • Mobile Lone Workers – Interface with Existing Vehicle Telematics Systems
Grace Lone Worker Solutions allow you to quickly locate a worker in distress by use of GPS enabled products or by use of Grace’s proprietary Locator Beacons. Alerts can also be made using an auto-telephone dialer to call out and notify other team members, email and SMS text messages identifying workers in distress. Contact our experienced sales team for an evaluation to determine which Grace Lone Worker Systems are best for your Lone Worker safety needs. Common Applications and Industries for Lone Worker Safety Systems are:
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Confined Spaces
  • General Industrial Safety
  • Mining Operations
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Military & Defense
  • Security / Schools / Hospitals
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Mobile Workers
  • Inspection Personnel
  • Public Safety Personnel
  • Police / Correctional Facilities
  • Utilities Workers
  • Zoo Keepers & Staff
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Metal Works / Manufacturing Plants
Large Scale Lone Worker Applications:
  • Aerospace
  • Ship Building
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Cold Food Storage
  • Energy Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Multi-building Campuses

Lone Worker Safety


These are critical questions that should be asked if you have employees working alone. Check-in systems for lone workers are not effective, especially when there is an emergency. Grace Lone Worker systems provide an immediate notification of a worker in distress.


There are several Lone Worker product options for fixed facility Lone Workers. Worker-worn alarm devices: TPASS®3, SuperCELL® SC500, WorkForce® WF1 and WF2. Monitoring devices: MS2000, SMS Safety Monitor, GraceWatch®, all available to alert others of a worker in distress. An array of product configurations can be put together to suit your fixed facility lone worker needs.

Lone Worker TPASS® 3 AM Buddy Package
Lone Worker Supervisor’s System
Lone Worker MS2000X System
Lone Worker SMS Safety Monitoring EVAC System Workforce

Grace Connected Safety - Mobile-Portable-Fixed Facility Cloud Connected Subscription Solutions


The future of workforce protection looks bright with the advent of advanced safety technologies like Grace Connected Safety™. Our system offers industrial grade worker worn safety Pendants along with Grace Gateways; offering cellular, satellite, wifi and IP network connections to Grace Cloud Connect™. Grace Safety Pendant and Gateway hardware packages start at $2,100 and include the first year subscription to Grace Cloud Connect™.

Grace Cloud Connect™ is a subscription based self-monitored web portal to create text and email alarm notification and provides flexibility to assign your own monitoring attendants to set monitoring and check-in schedules.

The Grace Connected Safety™ system employs the latest technologies such as GPS tracking, fixed and mobile gateways, and satellite and cellular connectivity to ensure the safety of your workers. In the event of an emergency, Grace Cloud™ can quickly send alarm notifications to designated contacts, notifying them of the worker’s location and status.

Grace Connected Safety™ is a compliment to traditional non-subscription based Grace Lone Worker fixed facility systems extending beyond a fixed facility solution to provide safety monitoring to a mobile or remote Lone Worker.


Lone Worker Products FAQs

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Grace radio telemetry products transmit emergency distress signals and sound a loud audible alarm. Lone Worker alarm devices that do not have radio telemetry emergency signaling only sound a very loud audible alarm where another person must be in hearing proximity to facilitate rescue of the worker. Lone Worker devices with radio telemetry feature intelligent Smart Signal® repeating technology that can transmit their distress signal to other Grace Lone Worker products permitting other workers with Grace Lone Worker safety devices to get immediate notification. Grace Lone Worker offers stationary monitoring products that contain audible and visual alerts and include relay contact closures facilitating easy interface to your existing alarm and alerting systems such as fire, security or SCADA. Auto telephone dialers are available to pitch out immediate phone call alerts from the Grace stationary monitoring products.

Grace Lone Worker safety systems are interoperable allowing workers to co-monitor each other. Many Grace Lone Worker devices can send and receive distress signals between them forming a safe monitoring environment for multiple workers.

Features of Grace Lone Worker alarm devices that do not contain radio telemetry:

Grace Lone Worker devices that do not transmit or receive any radio signals and are available and alert others by loud audible warning sounds, audible alarm unit which can help to alert someone nearby in the event of an emergency situation.

  • Made in the USA – Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Personal Alert Safety Systems (PASS) devices in the world
  • Rugged design – IP certified
  • Modular design – Scalable for large corporations or small
  • Decades of experience

Common Applications and Industries for Lone Worker Safety Systems are:

  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Confined Spaces
  • General Industrial Safety
  • Mining Operations
  • Search & Rescue Operations
  • Military & Defense
  • Security / Schools / Hospitals
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Mobile Workers
  • Inspection personnel
  • Public Safety personnel
  • Police / Correctional Facilities
  • Utilities workers
  • Zoo Keepers and staff
  • Chemical Processing plants
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical Labs
  • Metal Works / Manufacturing plants

Large Scale Applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Ship Building
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Cold Food Storage
  • Energy Industry
  • Warehouses
  • Multi-building Campuses

Size & Budget

The modular design allows for a custom fit lone worker safety solution regardless of the size or budget of your business. We make it easy to add more protection to your lone worker system if your needs change in the future. Our lone worker products are utilized by large corporations, as well as small independent organizations.


Regardless of where your lone worker needs to be, Grace Industries has them covered with devices that meet UL and ATEX Intrinsically safe standards. We can cover one room, or an entire multi-level facility. We have portable emergency alert products for mobile workers or confined space workers and can offer protection both indoors or out. We also offer waterproof, submersible personal LED light devices which are USCG approved, built to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Grace offers underground mining MSHA approved safety devices.

Lone Worker Accident Prevention

We hope you never have an employee accident and we encourage you to implement our products to protect your workers in the case of an emergency or accident. Grace’s worker safety systems can interface with other prevention systems like Fire, Gas Detection, SCADA and Evacuation Alarms.

Lone Worker Rescue

In the event of an accident, your worker can more easily be protected by using a Grace Man-Down alarm, featuring motion sensing and a panic button to send an emergency alarm notification.

Lone Worker Accountability

Grace Accountability products including GraceWatch® can monitor your workforce and be used to ‘account’ for workers safety and location. Workers can be signaled from Grace monitoring products Evacuation or to signal workers to vacate a hazardous area. Workers can confirm the receipt of these alerts. GraceWatch® has the ability to display worker names and ID numbers and can issue periodic ‘safety-checks’ to remote workers.

Worker Personal Safety Lighting

Grace Lite Tracker® devices help protect your workers in low visibility conditions including mining, marine, & diving, storm chasing and night-time work. Grace’s Glow Baton® devices are light-wands to protect employees and can be used for traffic control, crowd control, accident scenes, or signaling in aviation and airports.

Lone Worker GracePointS GPS®

The most advanced Mobile Lone Worker product Grace manufactures is the SuperCELL® SC500 GracePointS GPS®. This product provides GPS coordinates of a worker. It can work with existing Automatic Vehicle Location AVL and Telematics systems.

Prevention meets rescue with Grace Industries’ safety products. Contact us to find out which Grace systems are best for your lone worker needs.

No. Grace systems for lone workers in fixed facilities have no monthly fees or hidden costs. Mobile lone worker safety products may require use with AVL or Telematics systems which may incur additional fees by using that equipment. Please check with your AVL Telematics provider for more information.

Grace lone worker products are self-monitored safety solutions. Grace does not offer call center type monitoring. Grace lone worker systems can be configured to call phone numbers during an alert so that others can be notified. GraceWatch® is available to send SMS-text message alerts and email alerts to smart-phones. GraceWatch® is a software monitoring system which allows display of workers names, locations, IDs, and health of all remote workers and can issue signals back to workers including evacuation orders.

Lone Worker Case Studies

Grace Lone Worker systems for mobile and fixed facilities are utilized across the nation by companies in the Warehouse, Aviation, Aerospace, Waste Water, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Shipyards, and Energy / Power Generation industries.  

Grace Industries received an inquiry from an Electric Company in the Southeastern United States. As a result of a risk assessment, we determined that they had a need for our lone worker products.

Periodically, an employee would be working alone in one of their facilities. This was not their first attempt at addressing their concern as they had already purchased a solution from another vendor. Their reason for contacting Grace Industries was a concern surrounding the unreliability of their existing alert system. Employees had complained of frequent dead batteries and false alarms. 

Grace Industries addressed their problem of dead batteries with an 80-hour rechargeable TPASS® 3 with advanced accelerometer to eliminate the false alarms caused by tilt-type sensors. After demonstrating how the system worked it was decided it was decided that they would use it in all three of their facilities.

Now, when an employee is alone and classified as a Lone Worker, they know that the Grace Industries device is part of their standard PPE with the same importance as their hard hat, gloves, shoes, and safety glasses. Along with restored confidence in protecting their lone workers, they have the support of a Grace Industries sales representative to meet their ever changing lone worker needs.

Grace Industries’ Lone Worker System was selected by a west coast Geothermal plant that had multiple remote sites requiring 24/7 staffing. Plans to implement off-site monitoring with one employee created the need for an OSHA compliant lone worker solution. Their director of safety realized that more than their existing radio check-in procedure was needed and found the Grace Industries solution provided immediate notification of a lone worker in distress. His research found many alert products were too specific, indoor only, outdoor only, monthly monitoring costs, no-ongoing technical support, and found that the functionality and flexibility of Grace Industries Lone Worker equipment best met their specific needs.

After a successful on-site demonstration of the lone worker safety equipment by a Grace Industries sales representative, the director of safety stated how much he appreciated the sales representative’s patience and willingness to continue to provide any requested information before they agreed to purchase the product. He was very pleased with the support they received from the technical support team at Grace Industries.

The company is now very satisfied with how their lone worker system works and how easy it is to use. The Grace System alerts are sent to their HMI computer at the site, and the operator receives an audible alarm on the computer. All of their HMI’s at each remote site “talk” to each other on the WAN so anything displayed on one is displayed on all. If a worker is incapacitated, all the other sites will receive the same audible and visual alarm. The lone worker system has been up and running at two of their sites. They have a plan in place to bring the remaining sites on-line with the help of Grace Industries.

Our Grace Industries Lone Worker devices have been used in a confined space application at a Railcar Manufacturer in Northwest Texas for over 15 years. They started with the Grace portable GEMS system, and when it was time to upgrade, they looked to Grace Industries to recommend the best system to protect their workers. Their EHS manager explained, “This lone worker equipment has been proven many times in the past with fire departments, grain industry applications, and other high risk confined space entry operations, so it was a no brainer.”

Prior to the implementation of their man down system, a confined space “hole watch” or attendant, had to be assigned to each individuals confined space entry. This meant that every tank car or hopper car with a confined space entry in progress required an attendant. Whether they’re blasting, painting, or lining the inside of the tank cars and hopper cars, this system has helped increase and enhance the level of confined space worker protection while meeting the OSHA 1910.146 regulations and requirements. The GEMS Lone Worker system also meets the standard for the OSHA LOI (Letter of Interpretation) for electronic monitoring of employees in multiple confined spaces. The Grace Confined Space Lone Worker System is flexible and has effectively increased confined space worker protection and operational efficiency.

The EHS manager commented that employees love the Grace Lone Worker system, train regularly with it, and use it to achieve rescue times of 4-7 minutes (or less), start to finish in certain areas. They have recommended the Grace worker safety products to a number of other companies across a wide array of industries and applications.

A large food and beverage customer is an international leader in the baking industry, producing one of the industry’s broadest ranges of products for customers in more than 100 countries. Their facility in the Southeast, United States is the largest cold storage facility in the company with 300,000 square feet of freezer and cold storage space which includes 11 separate rooms.

The EHS manager joined the company 8 years ago as a 2nd shift supervisor and safety coordinator at their Southeast facility. With a background as a first responder for fire, ambulance, and the Red Cross, he was very conscious of the safety concerns for employees. Many of the employees would spend 5 to 8 hours isolated in individual cold storage rooms where all of the refrigeration equipment would make it too loud for a standard radio system, which would also not be usable in the event that one of the employees became incapacitated.

The building’s cooling system consists of miles of anhydrous and ammonia lines in a closed loop system. What if there was a leak? How could they send out an evacuation message? Some of the employees were older, what if one of them had a sudden heart attack or stroke? It could be hours before anyone realized there was a problem.

After extensive research, the EHS manager discussed lone worker solutions with Grace Industries. The fact that the system components were modular and could be designed to provide a different alarm tone for man-down vs. ammonia leak were key features. Additionally, the ability to relay a worker alert signal to an external alarm close to the office, having an individual alarm for each area, covering one room that is in a distant section of the building and the cost-effectiveness of the system answered all of their lone worker needs.

It is normal for employees to initially resist the change. In the beginning, one employee forgot to put on his lone worker device. It was a summer day with high temperatures and high humidity. Because of the temperature being extreme and traveling back and forth from the freezer to the loading dock, he fainted.

Fortunately, the employee was fine. However, the other employees then realized that with the Grace Industries Lone Worker Safety System he would have been found much sooner and that this device really was for their safety. The rechargeable Lone Worker TPASS® 3 is now considered part of their PPE, just like their steel-toe boots, gloves, and safety glasses.

Grace Industries Lone Worker Press Releases