MS2000X System


The MS2000X Safety Monitor is used to notify others of a worker in distress.

The MS2000X is a fixed wall mounted device that can be combined with any mixed combination of Grace worn devices. It is available in 120/240VAC or 12-15VDC power configurations and offers optional light and siren, heated enclosure, and automatic telephone dialer. Standard as four opto-isolated inputs to trigger PANIC, EVAC, Canned Message, or 16 character free form messages. Four output relays are provided to drive external devices. The input/output configuration is popular when interfacing with fire and security systems, plant processing equipment, and SCADA systems.


Monitors an unlimited number of workers wearing TPASS®3, SuperCELL® SC500 or WorkForce® Man-Down products.

  • Available with bright Strobe Light and loud Siren to alert others of worker emergency or other conditional warnings
  • Automatic Telephone Dialer available (using analog POTS type line), capable of dialing up to 8 numbers with custom voice message
  • 4 Separate Inputs: can be used to transmit emergency warning signals from the MX2000X back to workers such as Evacuate, Weather warnings or Fire alarm when workers may be in an area where they cannot easily see or hear these alarms.
  • ‘Canned Messages’ (predetermined) can be used for E-Stop and Process Control Equipment
  • 4 Separate Outputs: Relay 6 Amp, form-C contacts, can be triggered from worker’s alarm-signals or from Inputs such as Evacuate, Loss of AC power
  • Relay contact outputs can also be used to provide an input signal to any external alerting system including Fire, Security or SCADA
  • Available with internal battery-backup, provides operation up to 2 days in standby mode
  • Heated option for extreme cold environments where temperatures are below 32-F
  • Power input: 90 – 260VAC, 100 – 360 VDC
  • RF coverage area is up to approximately 150K to 200K sq-ft. depending on building construction and environment
  • Inherently functions as a Signal-Repeater, increasing coverage area

MS2000X Monitor

MS2000X Lone Worker Monitor – Used with any combination of Grace Worn Devices

MS2000X-H-X-DC MS2000X – DC powered (12-15 VDC)
MS2000X-H-X-DC-B MS2000X – DC powered (12-15 VDC) with Battery Back-Up
MS2000X-H-X-AC MS2000X – AC powered (120/240VAC)
MS2000X-H-X-AC-B MS2000X – AC powered (120/240 VAC) with Battery Back-Up

Input 1 (Opto-Isolated)
Transmits – MAYDAY PANIC Commands to Grace Worn
Devices and Grace Monitor Systems
Input 2 (Opto-Isolated)
Transmits – EVAC ALL Command to Grace Worn
Devices and Grace Monitor Systems
Input 3 (Opto-Isolated)*
Transmits – Canned Message to Grace SuperCELL® and
Grace-Watch® Monitor Systems
(*Requires Custom Programming)
Input 4 (Opto- Isolated)*
Transmits – 16 Character Free Form Text Message to Grace Worn
(*Requires Custom Programming)
Output Relay 1 (FORM C-6A)
Recieves – MAYDAY PANIC Commands from Input 1 and/or
Grace Worn Devices
Output Relay 2 (FORM C-6A)
Recieves – EVAC ALL Command from Input 2 and/or
SuperCELL® and Grace-Watch® Monitor Systems
Grace Monitor Systems
(*Requires Custom Programming)
Output Relay 3* (FORM C-6A)
Recieves – Canned Message from Input 3 and/or Grace
SuperCELL® and Grace-Watch® Monitor Systems
(*Requires Custom Programming)
Output Relay 4 (FORM C-6A) Contact closure with loss of AC
input power – Loss of Power
A message is also transmitted to SuperCELL® SC500
UL464 Siren with 11 user selectable output tones/pattern and

Sound Pressures vary by tone selected (55-87 dBA @ 10 ft) with
audio output level settings (High/Mid/Low)
Activated with MAYDAY PANIC
Flashing Strobe – 3 selectable settings (15-35-60) Candela
Activated with MAYDAY PANIC
Wall Mount Configuration
Signal Repeater – used in combination with Grace
SMS and Grace-Watch® Monitor Systems to extend coverage areas
Battery Run
Time – 24 Hours
Battery Run
Time – 6 Hours in Alarm
DC Power Input12-15 VDC13.3-15 VDC  
AC Power InputNONO120/240 VAC120/240 VAC
DIMENSIONS  6 1/2″ wide by 15″ high by 6
1/2″ deep
Pole Mounting
Hardware – Included
Telephone Dialer – Optional – Order Separately
Enclosure – for operation below 32° F – Optional

MS2000X Features Chart (PDF)

√ YES* Requires Custom Configuration – Required at time of order
√ YES** Select Option – Required at time of order