Grace Mobile Lone Worker safety products and systems are available to suit a variety of applications with various features and capabilities. Speak with one of our experienced sales professionals to help you determine which Mobile Lone Worker product is right for you.

GraceWatch® Global is a complete self-contained Mobile Lone Worker monitoring system that offers an array of features and capabilities from basic alert-location notifications to full-featured monitoring such as geo-fencing and notifying call-centers virtually anywhere on planet earth.

GraceWatch® Global is made from these primary parts:

  • [1] Worker-worn ‘Man-Down’ Emergency signaling device
  • [2] Vehicle-mounted Grace Mobile Gateway GMG unit
  • [3] GraceWatch® Global Monitoring Portal

® Global is available in Gold, Silver and Bronze level offerings allowing the best selection of various features and capabilities for your specific application.

[1] Grace has several Worker-worn ‘Man-Down’ Emergency products that are used as the primary signaling device between the Lone Worker and a Monitoring point. Included in the Worker-worn ‘Man-Down’ Emergency products are:

  • WorkForce® WF1 and WF2 cost-efficient devices
  • SuperCELL® SC500 intrinsically-safe certified
  • TPASS® intrinsically-safe certified

[2] The Vehicle-mounted Grace Mobile Gateway, GMG unit is semi-portable unit that typically attaches to the vehicle accompanying the Mobile Lone Worker. The GMG contains its own battery backup system and a high-performance radio transceiver that communicates with the worker-worn device, such as WorkForce® WF2. Included in the GMG unit is a cellular or satellite modem used to pitch the emergency alerts to and from the worker and a monitoring point. The GMG unit is available as:

  • GMG with Cellular modem, operable with Verizon network coverage
  • GMG with Iridium satellite modem, coverage globally
  • GMG with both Cellular and Iridium modems, coverage globally

[3] GraceWatch® Global Monitoring Portal is a cloud-based monitoring and control system that allows a tiered selection of various features and capabilities for your specific application:

  • GraceWatch® Global Bronze, cost-effective basic, self-monitoring capability
  • GraceWatch® Global Silver, intermediate added features monitoring
  • GraceWatch® Global Gold, advanced full-featured monitoring

For more details on GraceWatch® Global, call to speak with one of our experienced sales professionals to help you determine which Mobile Lone Worker product is right for you.

Grace Lone Worker Safety products can often be used with many existing vehicle telematics systems. Contact our experienced sales professionals for details. A TPASS® MicroRepeater accessory is available as a portable signal repeater to extend coverage distance between the lone worker and vehicle.

OSHA Section 5(a)(1) General Duty Clause… furnish… employment… which… (is) …free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm… and… OSHA 1915.84(a) … the employer shall account for each employee: 1915.84(a)(1) Throughout each work shift at regular intervals…


The Grace Mobile Gateway ‘GMG’ is a wireless bridge that manages the data signaling between Grace Lone Worker devices and a Cloud monitoring portal. The GMG contains a wireless signaling link to a worker’s safety device such as the Grace TPASS®, WorkForce® and SuperCELL® and contains the satellite and/or cellular uplink to the Cloud. The GMG can be used as a portable unit with on-vehicle placement or as a stationary-fixed mounted unit. It contains an internal rechargeable battery and status display screen along with various LED indicators providing operational verification of system integrity.

Grace Mobile Gateway System


SuperCELL® SC500-LW monitors personnel on scene, sends Global Evacuation signals to all RF PASS and displays alarm messages from all RF PASS. SuperCELL® SC500-LW


The WorkForce® product line uses an advanced gyro/accelerometer sensor to detect a worker’s fall from heights and automatically transmits a wireless emergency alert without any action required by the worker. WorkForce® transmits this wireless emergency signal that is received by others facilitating a “prompt rescue”. WorkForce® Systems