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Our SuperPASS® 5 is the smallest, lightest, and loudest stand-alone PASS. Our devices are NFPA Compliant emergency signaling and accountability tools. With the SuperPASS® 5 there is no more interrupting the fire ground operations for a voice radio PAR check, no more chaos caused by poor radio audio quality and muffled voices, and no more struggling to discern who is acknowledging a voice par check.

SuperPASS® 5 is a rugged, stand-alone “PASS” personal alert safety system that has auto-on activation, motion sensing, loud attention-grabbing audio tones and highly visible green LED indicators. We understand that you may have an integrated PASS, but when everything else fails you can rely on SuperPASS® 5 standalone PASS.

SuperPASS® 5 provides an improved level of safety for firefighters:

  • Intrinsically Safe to UL913, and CSA C22.2, No. 157
  • Compliant to NFPA 1982, 2013 Edition TIA 13-2 Requirements for RF PASS New Sound Signature
  • Bright, Highly Visible LED Status Indicators
  • Large Stainless-Steel Grip-Clip & D-Ring
  • 98+ DBA Sound Pressure Level at 500°F (260° C)
  • Data-Logging All PASS Status Changes (On, Off, Alarm, Etc.)
  • Heat Stress Temperature Alarm on All 5 Line Models
  • 200 Hours of Battery Life


SuperPASS® 5 Important Funding Information

  • SuperPASS® 5 is eligible for funding under the funding category PPE
  • SuperPASS® 5 is a one of a kind PASS alarm that can be moved from one piece of protective clothing to another and does not require an SCBA
  • SuperPASS® 5 keeps the Firefighter NFPA 1500 Compliant when they remove their SCBA and return to the hazard area for overhaul and other operations

SuperPASS® 5



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