SuperCell LW


SuperCELL® SC500-LW monitors personnel on scene, sends Global Evacuation signals to all RF PASS and displays alarm messages from all RF PASS.

SuperCELL® SC500-LW Features:

  • MAYDAY alarm monitoring
  • Send global evacuation signals
  • Crew roster name list may be pre-loaded
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Intrinsically safe to UL913, and CSA C22.2, No. 157
  • Meets FCC Part 15 and Industry Canada requirements
  • No FCC license required

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TPASS®3 Lone Worker Devices

TP3-H-R-AM-xxx-xx TPASS® Lone Worker Alarm Monitor – Buddy Alarm (-xxx = motion timing) (-xx = charger type)
TP3-H-R-xxx-xx TPASS® Lone Worker – Standard Model (-xxx = motion timing) (-xx = charger type)

SuperCELL® SC500 Lone Worker and Supervisor Devices

SC500-H-SM-xx SuperCELL® SC500 Supervisor’s Model (-xx = charger type)
SC500-H-LW-xxx-xx SuperCELL® SC500 Lone Worker’s Model (-xxx = motion timing) (-xx = charger type)

  TPASS® 3 SuperCELL® SC500
Features TP3-H-R-AM TP3-H-R SC500-H-SM SC500-H-LW
Receives EVAC Commands from Grace Monitoring Systems YES YES YES YES
Receives PAR Check Commands from Grace Monitoring Systems YES YES YES YES
Monitors Alarms from all other Grace devices YES NO YES YES
Transmits Motion Sensing Panic Alarm YES YES YES* YES
Transmits Manual Panic Alarm YES YES YES* YES
Receives/Transmits Canned Messages from Grace Devices NO NO YES YES
Capable of Disabling Motion Sensing NO NO YES* NO
Capable of Selecting Custom Motion Timing NO NO YES* NO
Manual Power On/Off YES** YES** YES NO
Auto Activation – Power On/Off Requires Accountability Key/Powered Cradle YES** YES** NO YES
Indoor Grace Locator Position Data * YES YES YES YES
Displays Indoor Grace Locator Position Data * NO NO YES YES
with existing Mobile Lone Worker Telematics Systems
Select Motion
Timing when ordering – 060, 090 or 120 second **
Changes require return to the factory and service charge YES** YES** NO YES**
Rechargable Operation YES YES YES YES
Recharge Time – 6-8 Hours 80 hr 80 hr 40 hr 40 hr
Charge Types – 12VDC, 120VAC or International – Select when ordering YES** YES** YES** YES**
Audio Sound Pressure (dBA) @ 10′ when in PANIC/PAR/EVAC 92 dBA 92 dBA 75 dBA 75 dBA
Heavy Duty – IP67 Rated YES YES YES YES
Intrinsically Safe YES YES YES YES

TPASS®3 & SuperCELL® SC500 Features Chart (PDF)

√ YES* User Configurable
√ YES** Select Model When Ordering

* The indoor location feature requires Grace Locator Beacon and can be monitored by any model of the SuperCELL®SC500, SMS Monitoring System and Grace-Watch® Monitor Systems.
** Motion timing is the amount of time the TPASS® or SuperCELL® senses a lack of motion. An audible pre-alert will sound within 15-18 seconds prior to full audio alarm and alarm transmission to a monitoring device. Be sure to consider the practical use of motion timing in your application. Long motion time settings reduce the potential of user generated false alarms. Changes to motion timings require a return to the factory with a service charge.