Rail Safety



Track-Watch® is a Safety System that provides Maintenance-Of-Way track work crews and inspection personnel with advanced warning of oncoming rail trafficTrack-Watch® features a modular design that can be used to protect small work crews or larger track maintenance operations and is capable of extending protection from oncoming rail traffic up to several miles away from a track work site. Individual workers are further protected from rail traffic and are kept safe with TPASS®3 ‘man-down’ alarms with panic button. Supervisory monitoring and control is facilitated using the SuperCELL® SC500. Track-Watch® is also very useful in accident recovery operations such as collisions or derailments.


Track-Watch® uses Train-Detectors placed at track locations that are a safe distance away from the track-working area. Train-Detectors sense oncoming rail traffic that triggers a transmitting “Alert” signal back to the track-working area. The track-working area has the Track Side Warning Alarm unit and the track-worker-worn TPASS®3 or SuperCELL® SC500, all which sound an audible and visual alert notifying the work crew that rail traffic is approaching. Track-Watch® Accessories

Track-Watch® Safety System Components