Track-Watch® Safety System Operation

Track-Watch® uses Train-Detectors placed at track locations that are a safe distance away from the track-working area. Train-Detectors sense oncoming rail traffic that triggers a transmitting “Alert” signal back to the track-working area. The track-working area has the Track Side Warning Alarm unit and the track-worker-worn TPASS®3 or SuperCELL® SC500, all which sound an audible and visual alert notifying the work crew that rail traffic is approaching.


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(1) Rail traffic detected at a distance from the work site

Track-Watch® Train Detector senses rail traffic and transmits a secure, encrypted radio-frequency (RF) signal when a locomotive or other rail traffic is detected.

(2) RF warning signals are transmitted back to the work site

The RF transmitted warning signal is propagated through a MicroRepeater to the Track-Side Warning Alarm and the worker-worn TPASS®3 and SuperCELL® SC500 alerting track worker personnel of oncoming rail traffic.

(3) Warning signals are received at work site alerting track-worker personnel

All personnel in the track working area are alerted of oncoming rail traffic

  • Track-Side Warning Alarm receives alert signal and activates its very loud sirens and flashes a bright strobe light
  • Workers with TPASS®3 receive the alert signal and sound a loud audible alarm and flashing LED lights
  • Supervisory personnel with SuperCELL® SC500 receive the alert signal and sound an audible and vibrating alarm
  • Supervisor uses the SuperCELL® SC500 to remotely reset Train Detector after rail traffic has passed



Track-Watch® System Components Include:

  • Train Detector with Mounting Bracket, fits any size rail, lockable, no-tools
  • Micro TPASS Repeater, optional extension bracket
  • TPASS®3 Personal Safety Alarm and motoring devices
  • SuperCELL® SC500 Supervisory Personal Safety Alarm and system reset controller
  • Track-Side Warning Alarm, loud siren and strobe light warning of oncoming rail traffic

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